What did you do in the arts this weekend?

I attended all three performances of Union-Endicott High School’s amazing production of Godspell. How were the arts a part of your week and weekend?

Have you been sampling the holiday arts?

Did you enjoy a festive First Friday (or First Satuday)? Were you at the CHOW concert, Amahl, a tree lighting or a church pageant? BAMirror’s Rebecca Sheriff attended The Nutcracker (see review below); how about you? I was once again wowed by the choral performers at Union-Endicott High School. How have you been sampling the arts in this holiday season?

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Arts chase away those ‘lingering winter’ blues

Yeah, yeah! There was snow. There was wind. There were single-digit nights. But not all was lost. The  arts and entertainment calendar was again jam-packed.
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“America’s Got Talent” — the school edition

If you need proof that the future of the arts in good hands, look no further than your friendly, local high school musical. My family caught the absolutely amazing production of the school edition of “Les Mis” at Union-Endicott High School this past weekend. Super kudos to James Gleason and his entire team, both onstage and behind the scenes. If you’re not familiar with this Broadway blockbuster, it’s more opera than musical, with barely a spoken word. Those kids put their all into this show, and the aggregate talent was overwhelming. High schools all around the area are presenting musicals this month; go see one.
So, that’s what I did in the arts this past week: what about you? Please join in the conversation.

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Snow, schmoe; the shows DID go on!

Sure there were a few cancellations or postponements, but the lively arts remained lively this past week, despite the storm. I caught a knockout performance of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at Union-Endicott High School. Kudos to directors Jim Gleason, Joe Brainard and Chris Weber; to their production staff and to the very talented student cast. Do those kids (and all the kids in the audience) realize how lucky they are, in the age of synthesizers and recorded soundtracks, to hear a Broadway musical with a full orchestra?!?

How about you? Did you see “Joseph,” “Evita,” “The Wizard of Oz” or any other high school show this past weekend? Did you attend a concert or a reading or visit a gallery? Please join in the conversation.

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