Join the arts conversation

Did you watch a play, hear a concert, catch a really great bar band or, like me, finally see the AMAZING “The King’s Speech”? What did you do in the arts this past week? Please join the conversation, and share your views — good or bad.

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Were you art-full this past week?

Season subscriber that I am, I spent Sunday afternoon with Violetta and her crew at TCO’s lovely production of “La Traviata.” (See review below.) I’ve also been savoring all the award-winning  movies that TCM annually broadcasts as a lead-up to the Oscars. And speaking of films on TV, HBO subscribers should try to catch “The Sunset Limited,” based on a  play by Cormac McCarthy. This dialogue-driven two-man show about faith (or lack thereof) is a great addition to Tommy Lee Jones’ canon of top-notch performances and a strong reminder of what a wonderful actor  Samuel L. Jackson can be when he’s not asked to carry a lightsaber or spew a string of curses.
What’s been art-full in your life this past week? Join the conversation.

Were you art-full this past week?

Did you visit a gallery, catch a movie, attend the Philharmonic like BAMirror contributor Lee Shepherd (see review below)? Please join in the conversation, and tell us about the arts in YOUR week.