‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ reflects fine stagecraft

Reviewed by Lee Shepherd

What a perfectly crafted and finely acted play!
I’m talking about the Know Theatre’s production of Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker, directed by Tim Gleason and featuring Jason Hill, Ilana Lieberman, Jessica Nogaret, Susan Stevens and Jason Walsh. Read the rest of this entry »

KNOW’s ‘Bus Stop’ not to be missed

Reviewed by Ralph Hall

"Bus Stop" at Know Theatre
Zac Chastain (Bo) and Jessica Nogaret (Cherie) in “Bus Stop” at Know Theatre

A sold-out audience heartily welcomed KNOW Theatre’s production of William Inge’s play Bus Stop this past Friday night (Feb. 10).  Few writers for the stage have Inge’s powerful command of the American language. With the words of four bus riders, a driver, a sheriff and two waitresses stranded in a small diner for two hours somewhere between Kansas and Montana, he gave audiences a peek into the lives and thinking of Americans in the post-war years of the 1950s — just prior to the love-hate revolution of the ’60s.

With a powerful ensemble cast that worked with and supported each other in the best ways possible, this production demanded the attention of the audience from the first word to the last. Riley Phillips very competently and professionally incorporated her own youth into creating an innocent and eager-for-life young waitress ready to take on this new world. Her character set the pace and the premise, and she did it marvelously well. Read the rest of this entry »

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