Gorman adds gravitas to BHS production of ‘Our Town’

By Barb Van Atta

In the hours before the curtain rises Friday night (Nov. 18) at the Helen Foley Theatre, eager Our Town cast members will be getting into character, getting into costumes and, with the help of makeup technicians, getting older – all except for the performer playing the pivotal role of the Stage Manager. The lines of age and the graying hair don’t have to be painted on Bill Gorman, the longtime Cider Mill Playhouse actor invited to join the Binghamton High School cast. Gorman first played the Stage Manager in the 1970s and gradually has grown into and refined his characterization, most recently performing the role about five years ago at the Cider Mill. He also directed a student production while a teacher at Vestal High School. Read the rest of this entry »