BPO Pops concert a perfect musical combination

Reviewed by Rebecca Sheriff

Last Saturday’s (May 12) Binghamton Philharmonic Pops concert with guest artist Suzanne Vega brought together orchestral and singer/songwriter music fans to experience the versatility of both genres. Vega’s understated intensity was punctuated by the orchestral arrangements of Karl Berger and Gerry Leonard. Read the rest of this entry »

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Philharmonic, Jeans ‘n Classics ‘Bond’ with audience

Reviewed by Barb Van Atta

Double entendres. Derring-do. Dastardly seekers of world domination. All are trademarks of Bond, James Bond, movies.

And so is the music, both the instantly recognizable John Barry theme and the string of title tunes sung by the voice du jour.

Saturday night (Dec. 4), the Binghamton Philharmonic and Maestro Jose-Luis Novo transported their Pops Series audience from The Forum in Binghamton to a world tour of exotic Bond locales. We didn’t wear tuxes or quaff martinis, but we definitely were both shaken and stirred by the Pops’ third successful teaming with the Canadian artists of Jeans ‘n Classics. The folks who previously fronted Pops performances of Beatles and Elton John music offered a collection of Bond themes (and a few songs from the Austin Powers Bond spoofs) interspersed with emcee/pianist John Regan’s clever commentary. Regan’s remarks, a combination of Bond trivia and bonding with the audience, elicited a constant stream of chuckles (and an occasional guffaw) from his listeners. Read the rest of this entry »