Public art with a timely message

A statue to The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. now stands on Binghamton’s River Walk at the Court Street Bridge at the head of the Peacemakers Trail. Unveiled Wednesday (Nov. 17), the life-sized sculpture captures the civil rights martyr in dynamic action. Sculptor Stan Watts of Atlas Bronze Casting of Kearns, Utah, said he wanted to portray the civil rights martyr in full exhortation, arm raised in a call to action, mouth open to utter the words “I have a dream today …”   Watts said he wanted the art work to speak for itself.  He was commissioned to create the bronze statue  by the Broome County Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission headed by Reverend Arthur Jones and his wife, Camille Jones, who raised some  $30,000 for the project.  Read the rest of this entry »
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UCF Grant seeds community art project

Clinton Street Mural Project by Artist Mik Tulumello

Artist Mik Tulumello and her UCF-funded Clinton Street Mural Project

The Clinton Street Mural Project, funded by a 2009 United Cultural Fund Project Grant to artist Mik Tulumello, was dedicated Monday, Nov. 8, during a chilly outdoor news conference.  The Broome County Arts Council awarded $2,000 to Tulumello to get the project started. She expected to complete it by June this year, with the help of another grant from the City of Binghamton, as well as the support and sweat equity of the Northside Neighborhood Assembly and a team of young helpers from BOCES. However, the project was delayed for awhile by the birth of Tulumello’s daughter Robin, who watched Monday’s dedication from a stroller.  Also in attendance were Robin’s dad and big sister, Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, BC Arts Council Director Sharon Ball, Neighborhood Assembly representives, people from the community, the media, and a freight train that rumble-bumped across the railroad trestle as the dedication began.  Read the rest of this entry »

Impressions of Windsor’s Window on the Arts Festival

Binghamton artist Judy Salton

Window on the Arts & Music Festival 2010Windsor celebrated its third annual Window on the Arts Festival on Saturday (Sept. 18), and it was  perfect. Painters, potters, jewelry makers, fabric and glass artists, farmers and food vendors plied their wares on the village green. Musicians played (Kelly Birtch was playing classical guitar when I arrived) and sang for the people who wended their way from tent to tent, table to table.  Read the rest of this entry »

Arts Council collectors walk the walk

With its second gallery show since moving downtown to 81 State St., Binghamton, last February, the Broome County Arts Council is advancing the idea that promoting the local arts is good, but BUYING art locally is both better and best. The exhibition “Collector’s Items — Making the Commitment” opened June 4 during the First Friday Art Walk and will run until July 2. Read the rest of this entry »

What It Means to be An Artist Now

“What it means to be an artist today — where do we start on that one?” (more of this article from the Los Angeles Times)

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Spirit of Christmas

The following is re-printed from the BCAC Weekly Newsletter: Friday, December 24, 2009 —
There was a moment a couple weeks ago when I felt the “Christmas Spirit” stir inside me. Read the rest of this entry »

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When To Clap and Why

Just because I work for the Arts Council doesn’t mean I know all there is to know about the arts. In fact, here’s one of my questions: Why oh why can you only applaud at the END of a symphony? Who made the rule against clapping for each movement and why? That’s the thing about the arts. Always something to learn. Help me out here, will you?

Welcome to the Broome Arts Mirror!

Welcome to the “Broome Arts Mirror,” the Broome County Arts Council’s brand new blog! BAMirror has a mission to “provide a lively forum for informed, respectful conversation about and commentary on the arts experience in Broome County” and Greater Binghamton, New York.   Through interviews, previews, reviews, features and commentary, BAMirror intends to reflect (like a “mirror” – get it?)  the real depth, breadth, diversity and vibrancy of the arts here in the Southern Tier. BAMirror’s target audience iswell — everyone who is involved with, interested in, curious about, longing to really talk about the arts in some way, shape or form. Read the rest of this entry »

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