What did you do in the arts this weekend?

Did you participate in the monthly art walk (as either a walker or an artist)? Were you in the audience for a high school musical? Did you, like me, try to catch up on Oscar winners that you hadn’t seen yet? (First thought after finally seeing Argo: Christoph Waltz must have been absolutely amazing in Django to have been deemed more worthy of the Best Supporting Actor award than the hilarious Alan Arkin.) Please join our conversation.

2 Responses to “What did you do in the arts this weekend?”

  1. nywdesign Says:

    Saw Indigo Girls in Rochester. Went to a book signing

  2. Martin Bidney Says:

    Here’s what I did on Sunday: Phelps Mansion hosted a Southern Tier Actors Read (STAR) presentation of Juno and the Paycock by Sean O’Casey, and was I ever glad I went! Jan de Angelo’s Jack Boyle and Mickey Ray’s Joxer were an endearing pair of ne’er-do-well layabouts. Suzanne Brigham’s Mary and Judy McMahon’s Mrs. Trancred were deeply moving portrayals, truly remarkable. Dori May Ganisin was a delightfully gossipy Maisie Madigan, Joe Bardales and Mitch Tiffany were excellent in their supporting roles, and Josh Sedelmeyer was outstanding as the traumatized young man, Johnny Boyle. The Irish accents were startlingly well done, I thought, with Kate Murray perhaps taking the prize in this department. Maybe the world is indeed, as Jack says, “in a state of chassis,” but the hearts of the viewers of this touching though tragic drama were elevated by the high quality of the acting throughout.

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