What did you do in the arts this past weekend?

Did you participate in the First Friday Art Walk? Were you in the audience — or on stage — for a high school musical? Did you catch a play, concert or reading? Please share your opinions and experiences here.

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  1. Mickey Ray Says:

    At 3 p.m. Sunday (March 4), I was excited and happy to have been a part of the dramatic play reading of J. B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls. The play is about a snobbish, middle-class British family at the turn of the 20th century, who start out celebrating the engagement of their daughter to the son of a wealthy aristocrat, only later to be interrogated and blamed for the suicide of a young girl that supposedly took place earlier that day.
    The production took place at the Phelps Mansion Museum on Court Street in Binghamton. It was presented by the local theatrical organization called Southern Tier Actors Read or S. T. A. R.
    The narrator of the play, as well as the maid, Edna, was brilliantly read by Suzanne Brigham. Arthur Birling, the self-centered, hardhearted, Industrialist father, was read by yours truly, Mickey Ray.
    Sean Thorn marvelously read the role of Gerald Croft, a young aristocrat who has come to announce his engagement to the Birlings’ daughter, Sheila Birling, whose character was superbly read by Heidi Weeks.The stern, forceful, matricarch of the family, my wife, Mrs. Birling, was outstandingly read by Judy McMahon, and our wayward, gad-about son, Eric Birling, was excellently read by Charles Berman. The last to arrive on the scene was our inquisitor and interogator, Inspector Goole, masterfully read by Mitch Tiffany.
    I think I can speak for everyone that we had a wonderful time playing before a wonderful audience who seemed rapt and attentive to every word throughout this three-act drama. The museum also served a wonderful assortment of snacks, fruit and punch for all. Thank you, Laura and Harold!
    You can find out more about S. T. A. R. at our Facebook link, http://www.facebook.com/groups/153670331323372/.
    Mickey Ray

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