Rizikov’s love affair with Binghamton continues

Reviewed by Tony Villecco

What can one say about a phenomenon of nature? I am convinced that 12-year-old Canadian pianist Anastasia Rizakov is actually a 40-year-old woman trapped in a child’s body. Deadly talented and mature beyond her years, this most gifted pianist adoringly admitted that she loved the Binghamton audiences and likewise, we love her, too. Her concert last Saturday (Sept. 17) at Binghamton’s First Presbyterian Church was remarkable. Read the rest of this entry »

Windsor Window on the Arts a welcome respite

Reviewed by David L. Schriber

The fourth annual Windsor Window on the Arts took place on the village green Saturday, Sept. 17. (It was a welcome break from the depressing scenes of devastation from recent flooding. In that regard,Windsor village fared somewhat better this time than five years ago.) The day opened bright and sunny as volunteers paraded puppets from the now-defunct Binghamton First Night around and amidst the various artists, then fastened the puppets to stand sentinel over the relaxed and cheery crowd. Read the rest of this entry »