Have you been ‘art-full’ this week?

My art-full efforts this past week included the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” opus and the Downtown Singers concert on Saturday; how about you? What did you see/hear/view this past week? Please share your comments — remember: to do so, you don’t need to register with WordPress.

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  1. epaclou Says:

    EPAC awards $2,000 in Scholarships to local graduating seniors
    The Endicott Performing Arts Center, 102 Washington Avenue, Endicott, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 EPAC Devin Spears Memorial Scholarships. The recipients will each receive $500 to pursue higher education in the arts. This year’s award winners are:

    Madyson Fedoris, graduating from Union-Endicott High School, who plans to major in music education at Broome Community College.

    Kathryn O’Brien, graduating from Union-Endicott High School, who plans to major in vocal performanceand music education at Ithaca College.

    Jamie Kimble, graduating from chenango Forks High School, who plans to major in music and youth ministries at Nyack College.

    Skyler Bennett, graduating from Windsor High School, who plans to major in liberal arts and minor in theater at Broome Community College.

    The EPAC Devin Spears Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Devin Spears, a member of the EPAC Kids Theater Workshop who starred as Dorothy in the workshop’s 2001 production of “The Wiz.” Devin and her mother, Valerie, were tragically murdered in 2002. Many thanks to all who assisted in this year’s fundraising event. Since its inception, the Spears Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $19,500 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors.

  2. chriskbahr Says:

    On Sunday afternoon, I went to see “Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune” at KNOW Theatre in Binghamton. The play by Terrence McNally explores the nature of connection between people, or lack thereof, people being afraid to connect. From the first moment, the play was very engaging thanks to Tim Gleason’s (Johnny) comic timing and innate pathos as well as his fellow actor (Frankie) Dori May Ganisin’s reactions and provocations of the same. The set was the perfect backdrop for the couple to play out their insecurites, vulnerabilities and fear of their innermost self-being exposed … it was an intimate play about a universal quest … for union of self with the other, innately in the human heart when it is opened to another soul, and love is allowed to create a spark of the divine. Having seen the Hollywood version years ago with Al Pacino (Johnny) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Frankie), it was interesting to compare the performances and the actors. I felt Tim and Dori captured the essence of the human condition sublimely and with much soul. Their connection becomes ours, which in the end is what good theater does; it changes us in some way and leaves us with much to feel in our own hearts.

  3. chriskbahr Says:

    Another arts-related activity: currently reading “Seven Days in The Art World.” The author’s name eludes me at the moment, but it is an interesting commentary in the genre that breaks down the art market. Auction houses, critiques and more are covered in this very insightful book.

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