Were the arts part of your week?

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  1. Sharon Ball Says:

    Stopped by Spool Mfg. in JC Saturday night (May 21) for the closing reception for “element — progress,” curated by galleryell’s john ros and featuring the work of annie varnot, jodi hays, joel bacon, kariann fuqua, kirsten nash, nancy hubbard and richard feaster. The vast, white-walled former factory with its painted wooden beams and beautifully flawed floors is itself an artistic “element,” providing breathing space for bacon’s compelling graphite landscapes and fuqua’s fascinating series of ink drawings on some kind of “lar” material, pinned just so side by side, covering what felt like an acre of wall, with these amoebic shapes — one to a sheet — that turned out to be maps of spilled oil shapshifting across the Gulf of Mexico. With a room to itself, the whole installation seemed to bob on the water and me along with it. Art from catastrophe. Had a nice long chat with graphite artist bacpm about his process, and it was good to see john ros again. So glad I didn’t miss this show. See for yourself at

  2. rebeccasmoments Says:

    Last weekend I took advantage our close proximity to New York City and headed down for a concert and visit to the Metropolitan Museum. Shortline Buses have partnered with Megabus, making traveling to the city to enjoy the arts very affordable. I was able to travel round-trip for $20 without the hassle of driving and parking in the city.
    On Thursday evening, I attended a rock concert by the band Alter Bridge. In an age where straight-up genuine rock ‘n’ roll is hard to come by, Alter Bridge is a refreshing alternative to the pop-dominated sound of my generation. The band’s songwriting is reminiscent of classic rock and its melodic songs with a heavy edge are sure to stand the test of time. The band’s sound is guitar-driven with Mark Tremonti a virtuoso playing lead guitar and Myles Kennedy, the lead singe,r also a phenomenal guitar player. The band’s passion was palpable, especially from my front-row view; it reinforced my own passion for music. Check out Alter Bridge at http://www.alterbridge.com
    To continue with my guitar theme, on Friday I visited the Guitar Hero exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit features the works of Italian American lutheries from the 16th century through 2008. Beautiful lutes, violins, guitars and other stringed instruments are on display by legendary craftsmen. Photos can be viewed at
    http://blog.metmuseum.org/guitarheroes/. The exhibit will be on display until July 4.

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