Did you have an art-full week?

My week in the arts began Tuesday (Dec. 7) at the Union-Endicott High School “Music for the Holidays” vocal concert. Parental pride aside, it was a wonderful concert. Another round of applause to director James Gleason and members of the Chorus, Chorale and Jazz Choir. I also caught one of the four performances of “Amahl and the Night Visitors” (see review below); how about you? What did you see and/or do in the arts this past week?

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  1. cyberbassdave Says:

    We attended “Princess Tilly of Klutzenstein” (at the Oxford Civic Theater), a play by the Oxford playwright/librettist Fred Dankert and composer/pianist Diane Thorne. It’s the wacky story of an Alpine Austrian principality whose evil regent Count Spitzenspiel intends to imprison Princess Sophie so she cannot attend her coronation, leaving him to become head of state. The princess and her loyalists are aided by a vacationing American family, whose daughter Tilly is a look-alike for Sophie. The wooden solders from Herr Snickle’s cuckoo clock drive off the regent’s army of four, allowing Sophie’s coronation to proceed at the hand of the ticklish Cardinal Umphnagel and the delight of all the Klutzenvolk. The cast of 27 included all generations. Joining Thorne in accompanying the musical numbers was a brass quintet, which also played Christmas carols before the show and during intermission. The Oscar for best costume has to go to the cuckoo bird! This was the fifth Dankert/Thorne production; another is planned for July. It’s worth the drive to see a cute show done by community amateurs who join talents and ambitions to shine in the stage lights.

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