First Night weathers all sorts of storms

Anyone who has ever organized or promoted an entertainment event knows how much of a crap shoot such an endeavor can be. Consider all the variables in the mix: choosing a venue and date, contracting for guest artists, maintaining delicate balances when determining programming and calculating a target audience. Also, in Broome County, of course, there’s always the weather.

L. Tillotson at FNB River Blessing

And I’m just talking about one play or one concert or one kid-friendly hands-on art activity. Multiply all that uncertainty by 30 or so, and you might get an idea what Lesley Tillotson and Southern Tier Celebrates! go through to present our  annual New Year’s Eve revels, First Night Binghamton.  Add in the vagaries of public funding, and you’ll understand the additional angst that went into the most recent celebration, First Night 2010. Read the rest of this entry »