How were the arts for you this week?

Were you out-and-about this week, enjoying the arts of Greater Binghamton and Broome County? Were you someplace where you could hear, see, learn from or interact with the arts? If something art-full happened to you during the week starting Nov. 16, please join our conversation and add to the comment section of this post.

2 Responses to “How were the arts for you this week?”

  1. rnorris457 Says:

    The Anderson Center’s Osterhout Concert Theater at Binghamton University was nearly full Wednesday night (Nov. 18) for a spectacular, high-energy show by the Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company. And with more than 500 vibrant costumes, this company of 80 dancers was as active behind the curtain as they were on stage.
    Although the women danced beautifully, it was really the men’s show all the way. Their repeated leaps from floor into the air would rival some of the slam dunks of a basketball court.
    The two-hour show featured 16 traditional folk dances filled with power, passion, pride and even a touch of humor. The audience applauded with enthusiasm throughout the evening and demonstrated its full appreciation with a rousing standing ovation at the end. Were you there? Please share your impressions.

  2. ltillotson Says:

    The arts this past week? Many ecstatic attendees experienced Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana — authentic flamenco presented Nov. 9 by Southern Tier Celebrates! at the Broome County Forum. Antonio Hildago’s extended solo brought the audience to its feet with shouts of bravo and ole! Truly an example of great dance that is rarely seen in Binghamton.

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