Welcome to the Broome Arts Mirror!

Welcome to the “Broome Arts Mirror,” the Broome County Arts Council’s brand new blog! BAMirror has a mission to “provide a lively forum for informed, respectful conversation about and commentary on the arts experience in Broome County” and Greater Binghamton, New York.   Through interviews, previews, reviews, features and commentary, BAMirror intends to reflect (like a “mirror” – get it?)  the real depth, breadth, diversity and vibrancy of the arts here in the Southern Tier. BAMirror’s target audience iswell — everyone who is involved with, interested in, curious about, longing to really talk about the arts in some way, shape or form.

Like the arts council, the BAMirror is serious about the arts. So when we went looking for an editor, we went right to the top and, oh, were we lucky that she said “yes!”  The BAMirror’s editor is none other than Barb Van Atta, veteran newspaperwoman and entertainment editor, formerly of the Press & Sun Bulletin. Why a top-flight editor for BAMirror? Because we want  BAMirror to be the best arts conversation in town.

And, of course, we want YOU to be part of it.  This is your personal invitation to become a contributor or commentator. You must register first, but after that — you’re on. Of course, there are rules of engagement (see Barb’s post, which follows), because it is important to advance the core values behind the creation of the Broome Arts Mirror — honesty, civility, community and the power of the arts. Read all about them in the BAMirror! 

Arts to you,

Sharon Ball, Executive Director, Broome County Arts Council

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